Do you want to know the honest truth about why I’m been able to maintain my ideal weight and feel amazing? It’s because of my habits, food choices and routine, and I want to share that with you and help you along your journey. Feel amazing inside and out by enjoying the most delicious and healthiest foods on the planet. Take control of your life and live the healthy lifestyle you deserve. Reach your ideal weight and stay that way without going hungry.


  1. Over the phone support, weekly 15 or 30 minute phone chats – $6.25/15 min – you’ll be on the phone with me for strategies, success tips, and solutions to your health, fitness, energy, and weight loss challenges.
  2.  Face-to-face at your home support – $12.50/half-hour visit – one-on-one contact in your home working on your success plan, helping you purge your pantry, etc.
  3. Face-to-face in my Healthy Kitchen $12.50/half-hour visits – one-on-one contact and accountability
  4. Monthly Eating Guides  – For $14.99/month you get a downloadable Monthly Eating Guide that includes a Monthly Meal Calendar outlining daily menus

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Cheers, Karen

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