DSCN1741Here’s a great recipe idea for being prepared to enjoy a salad every day as the main dish. Salads in a Jar — they are fun, easy! It’s really a snap and don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

My daughter told me about this idea, and I just had to try it. Really, I thought? I can make 5 to 7 salads on Sunday night and have them taste fresh for the whole week? Yes! It’s true using a jar will keep your salad fresh for several days.

Using any type of quart canning jar is the perfect shape that lets you put the salad dressing on the bottom and layer the rest of the ingredients on top so you never have to worry about forgetting the dressing, and it doesn’t make the lettuce or spinach soggy!

IYou can choose to add any DSCN1734item that you enjoy in a salad. If you have a slaw that you already make up, you can add that to the jar as one of the layers. If you have an artichoke tapenade that you’d like to add for a bit of a kick, you can add a spoonful or two as one of the layers. Truly, it’s up to you. The salads can be anything you want! The trick is to layer your items in this fashion:

Layer 1:  Salad dressing (your choice)

Layer 2:  The hearty/heavy vegetables which will stay nice and crisp during the week.

Layer 3:  Beans and less hearty vegetables (zucchini, sprouts, green beans, corn etc if you choose to use them.)

Layer 4:  Pasta and Grains. If you want — you can use any type of pasta, rice, couscous, rice, or quinoa.

Layer 5: Lettuce – romaine, arugula, butter lettuce, or baby spinach — whatever you love – the ingredients you don’t want to wilt or become soft or soggy.

Layer 6: If you want to add a few nuts or seeds, do so now and they won’t lose their crunch.



When you go to serve, it’s up to you. I prefer to eat my salad on a big plate

DSCN1749or a bowl-shaped dish.

DSCN1758Truly, you’ll be amazed at the size your salad will be.

Remember, I’ve only given you the basics of the layers and what works best regarding type and weight of veggie, but the above is just an idea of how you might layer your salad in a jar. Truly, there is no rule regarding the amount or type of ingredients to put in each layer or that you must include “6 layers.” What’s important to remember is Layer 1  should be your salad dressing and Layer 2 should be your heavier, hearty veggies — the rest is up to your imagination and taste.

So, have fun! Enjoy.

Cheers, Karen

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