Nothing is more satisfying or comforting to me than a delicious, hearty soup or stew. Vegetable and vegetable-bean soups and stews are an important addition to and play important role in a healthy, nutritious diet. All of the nutrients are retained in the soup and stew during the simmering process.



It’s so easy to incorporate a variety of green leafy vegetables like kale and cabbage and spinach and chard as well as, mushrooms, onions, beans and other healthy ingredients all in one pot.


I very often make wonderful soups in my Vitamix. Can’t beat the speed of these meals and of course, all of the nutrients are once again are kept in the soup and not lost.

One the BIG advantages to making soups? You will have awesome leftovers! Make a one-pot supper and you will have enough for other lunches and dinners during the week. You can freeze extra portions to always have something to grab. So even if you are running short of time. You can have a healthy meal!

Soups and stews. They’re a win-win all the way around!


Cheers, Karen

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