Get Active and Stop With The Exercise Excuses

Get Active.Stick Figure.Jan 2015 Post

Now that I’m getting the food right, with a whole-food plant-based nutritarian diet (I’ve kept my weight stable since 2012), in pursuit of a Happy Healthy 2015, my next goal is to stop with the exercise excuses.

I love to walk, but living in Oregon often times the weather is not conducive – it’s either raining or too cold which deters me from getting out. Or sometimes my walking partner isn’t able to meet; and because I don’t like walking alone, I find another day goes by without me being active.

After visiting my 90-year-old mother this past week, I decided to get honest with myself. If I’m going to get fit, I’ve got to stop with excuses! I’ve let my core-muscles get weak, my muscles, flexibility and my strength is, well, pathetic. I read that a person can have 100 percent strength gains within a few months, but by not doing strength training every week, you start to lose some muscle mass and strength by up to 50 percent in just three months!


I know that in order to be living a fully healthy lifestyle – I’ve got to have an activity plan. So no more: “I’ve got no time” or “it’s not convenient.”

This morning I dug out and dusted off my favorite workout DVD – a twenty-minute workout that moves from a beginning (that’s where I started today!) to intermediate to advanced level. It doesn’t require weights or equipment, each strength exercise is followed by a stretch to loosen up the same muscle group to get me limber — WOW do I need that! But I felt great when I was done.

One of my friends told me about a local yoga class she’s attended. I’m calling her today and see if I can start this week.

I also found this great “Wake Up and Make it Happen Workout Chart – 5 simple but effective exercises that I’ve printed out and posted on the refrigerator! Rain or shine I can do this!

Wake Up and Make It Happen.5 quick exercises - CHART

Like I said above, no more: “I’ve got no time” or “it’s not convenient.”

Cheers, Karen


About karenlynnesnyder

I support others to better health through plant-strong eating and healthy lifestyle choices. I hope my information here helps you with your journey.
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