Karen’s Veggie Kitchen Turns One! Celebration Contest!


I’m proud to announce that today marks my 100th post to you! And today, November 1, 2014, marks one year since I started Karen’s Veggie Kitchen!

What an exciting year it has been!

I’ve shared my story toward a healthier lifestyle. I’ve shared nutritional information that I’ve researched through reading books and articles or learned from documentaries, at conferences and workshops. I’ve discovered that I’m pretty good in the kitchen, and many of the recipes I’ve created in there are not only good for me, but they pretty tasty too!

But best of all, I’ve connected with some pretty wonderful people. People who feel that what I’m sharing is making a difference in their life. People like… Ellen, Maya, Kay and Brenda ….

Picture of me - 1988Spotlight award - feeling sassy

Ellen:  “Thanks!! Karen – for inspiring me and being one of the stepping-stones in my journey to wellness and better health.”

“About a year ago – more or less – I was in at a low ebb in my life. Approaching 69 years as the crow flies, close to 200 pounds, depressed; in pain. all I really wanted to do was sleep.

I don’t know what the actual turning point was. All I knew was I didn’t want to feel like that anymore. Karen and I were acquainted from acting together in a great and funny play at Cottage Theatre in Cottage Grove. So we were Facebook friends, as well as being actual friends.

I saw that she had started up a Web Site/ Facebook page called Karen’s Veggie Kitchen. I saw photos of her on Facebook. She looked not just great – but radiant – glowing. I started looking more closely at her approach to eating and tried a few recipes. I read a few books she recommended. Watched a few videos – like Forks Over Knives and documentaries, about the average American diet. I don’t remember turning a corner. I just gradually adopted a plant-based diet, and started cooking a lot more.

I have a really bad knee. Arthritis, no meniscus, lots of pain. The first thing I noticed was less pain in my knee. Which made it easier to do the Pilates and yoga that I used to do before I tubbed up. So I was exercising and walking more with less pain.  ‘Hmmm. Interesting,’ I thought.

Then about 7 months ago, I started a journey on the road to 160 pounds. I started keeping a journal – not just of the food I ate, and the exercise activities I did, but how I felt!  What inspired me or educated me. How I wanted to spend the next years of my life. It was a journey of the spirit as well as the body. I felt wonderful. Filled with energy – walking, swimming at the Amazon pool 3 or 4 times a week all summer. On Monday,

October 6th I reached my goal!

All my aches and pains have diminished so much that I no longer really even notice them.

I look good in my clothes. I have energy to spare. I sleep better. A few days ago – one of the last hot, sunny days, – I climbed up Spencer’s Butte – the back trail – the sign says difficult – all by myself – just because I wanted to get to the top and sit in the sun and gaze down at the lovely valley I call home. I was winded and sweating, but feeling exhilarated. 

I have so enjoyed sharing some of my discoveries with Karen. Recipes and information have flowed both ways. A real collaboration. Thanks, Karen.”        ~ Ellen

and …


Maya: “I love the soup pictures! So much yummy goodness in one pot!”

“Thanks for being committed to healthy eating and educating others. Inspiring!” ~ Maya



Kay:  “I have discovered some new and exciting ways to prepare foods that are not only good for you, but tasty as well.”

“Several years ago, after an annual visit to my general practitioner, I discovered that my cholesterol level was too high.  Instead of prescribing the usual medicines for reducing the high level, my doctor challenged me to correct it through diet and exercise.  I have always had the personal belief that as a society we tend to over–medicate because it is easier to pop a pill than do the hard work.  I decided to take the challenge and was able to bring my levels down to normal through diet and exercise.  I have since been interested in healthy eating and Karen’s Veggie Kitchen is a perfect example of how to prepare healthy, plant-based foods.  The type of foods that will help with lowering cholesterol levels.

I enjoy the recipes and was moved by Karen’s journey to wellness. It was a very inspirational story.

The quality of the website is superior. It’s very user-friendly and contains very honest, helpful information for inspiring anyone interested in healthier living. I especially enjoy viewing pictures of meals that can be prepared using plant-based products.” ~ Kay

and …               

Make Salad the main dish        

  Brenda:  “Thank you for all of your hard work and generous           sharing of ideas! You are inspiring!”

“I actually checked out the site because I felt like I wanted to change-up my diet again…I became a vegetarian when I was 23 years old and followed that diet for over 25 years. For a span of 6 months I became vegan. It was too time-consuming and YOU inspired me, Karen, with your slim silhouette and glowing skin! Two of my children are vegetarians, one is a vegan. They all grew to be over 6 feet tall (even my girl), and were very rarely sick as children.

I was intrigued by several of the “healthy tips,” and I am inspired by the recipes. I can’t wait to dive into the “recipes” section.

I recommend this website to others because we all need to be inspired to get and stay healthy…this is a great place to get ideas, and there is “community” so you don’t feel like you are doing it alone.”

It’s stories and comments like these that let’s me know I am making a difference. One person at a time!” ~ Brenda

Congratulations Ellen and Kay! You are welcome Maya and Brenda! You are all inspiring to me.”

Vegan Fruit Tart-Birthday Cake idea

So let’s celebrate this special birthday with a contest!

Official Contest Rules:

  • Contest starts: Saturday Nov. 1, 2014

  • Contest ends:  Thursday Nov. 27, 2014

  • Winners will be selected at random

  • Winners will be announced: Nov. 28, 2014 on or about noon. Winners will be notified by email.

  1. Fill out the form  below and share with  me the most important tip, nutritional fact, or motivational statement that you have embraced in your own life from Karen’s Veggie Kitchen and how it has helped you. (You can submit more than one.)

  2. Leave the name of your favorite recipe from Karen’s Veggie Kitchen and why you enjoy it. (You can submit more than one recipe.)

(Note:  If you leave your answers in the reply section, it will post to the website. If you use the response form below, your information will go privately to me and will not be posted to the website).

  • First place – Get fit before the holidays: (includes: 1:1 consultation – in person, by phone or by email correspondence; one-month of meal plan ideas; help cleaning out your pantry, shopping tips, etc.

  • Second place – A copy of Karen’s Delicious Dozen Cookbook

  • Third place – A copy of Karen’s 2015 Motivational Calendar

Here’s to another exciting year of healthy living. I can’t wait to see what next year has to offer us!

Cheers, Karen


About karenlynnesnyder

I support others to better health through plant-strong eating and healthy lifestyle choices. I hope my information here helps you with your journey.
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