Crazy about my veggies and fruits …

I’m crazy about vegetables and fruits. I love the way they taste. I love the way they look on my plate. I love what healthy things they can do for my body. When you look at all the beautiful colors found on most fruits and vegetables I think Mother Nature did so for a reason.

When shopping for vegetables and fruits, it’s important to bring home the freshest, best quality produce because that’s what will provide you the most nutrients for your body.  When shopping use three of your senses: Sight, Smell, Touch…

Look for rich color: The rich color will of course look prettier on your plate, and that’s very appealing, but the richer the color, the richer the antioxidants and vitamins. For instance, red peppers have six antioxidant carotids where yellow and green only have three (yellow and green are still great!)  Freshness is important because as the food ages, the nutrients also decline. If you can’t purchase a lot of fresh of produce in the winter, frozen is a great substitute. You won’t lose nutrients, or at least very many by eating frozen. The flash freezing process won’t destroy the nutrients.

Feel the weight: Chose items that are heavy. When you hold the fruit or vegetable, it should feel heavy in your hand for the size. Being heavy for it’s size indicates ripeness, and often the natural sugar content (the natural sugar that will sweeten your meal without affecting your blood sugar or inflammation levels). Check for firmness and for soft spots so it doesn’t spoil on you too soon.

Smell the flavor: How many times have you brought home a melon, that doesn’t actually smell like a melon, and when you cut it all up and take a bite… well… it doesn’t’ taste at all. Fruits like peaches, cantaloupes should have wonderful scents. But if they don’t leave them at the market because they won’t have much of a taste. Use your nose instead of our eyes in this case. An oddly shaped, smaller organic strawberry will likely explode with flavor in your mouth! Trust me.

Cheers, Karen

About karenlynnesnyder

I support others to better health through plant-strong eating and healthy lifestyle choices. I hope my information here helps you with your journey.
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