Are you really hungry?

When you feel hungry, drink a glass or two of water first to see if that’s what your body really wants. The reason most of us eat is because our satiety centers (the collection of neurons in our nervous system that trigger us to think we are hungry) are looking for attention. Sometimes what our body is really begging for is something to quench our thirst.

Also, remember, when we are thirsty our body doesn’t really know the difference between unnecessary, empty calories, like those in soft drinks or alcohol. Your body won’t care if it’s getting zero-calorie water or a mega-calorie frappé! So, reach for the water first.

If you still feel hungry, then a handful of almonds (20 nuts) and/or an apple might do the trick. And you’ll be giving your body some great, healthy nutrients to boot!

Cheers, Karen

About karenlynnesnyder

I support others to better health through plant-strong eating and healthy lifestyle choices. I hope my information here helps you with your journey.
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